Tree safety inspections

Tree safety inspections

Tree safety inspections is know as a VTA process (visual tree assement).

This involves you making an assessment on the likely hood of harm coming to persons and property who are in and around the trees you responsible for.

Statute law does not require the tree owner to maintain completely safe trees, and it is certainly not practical or possible to inspect each tree on a daily basis. The duty only requires the tree owner and those responsible for them "to take reasonable care".

Under the duty of care, the person or organisation responsible for the trees must take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions, that could reasonably be foreseen, would be likely to cause harm to persons and property.


A tree falls or sheds an limb and Injury or harm is caused as a result, the injury or harm is foreseeable, the person who was injured is someone to whom the tree owner owed a duty of care to, and the injury was caused by a breach of that duty

What does the survey tell you?

The survey will tell you the:

Tree number

species of tree


spread (N,S,E,W)

Age class

Condition of the tree

Recommendations for the work

Work piriority

Re-Insecption Frequency

Below are example of fungi that can cause failure in trees and limbs

Ganoderma australe

Honey Fungus

Meripilus giganteus

Meripilus giganteus

Chicken in the woods

Ustulina kretzschmaria