Trees Ability

Sawmilling services

Our sawmill comes in to it own with over size logs up to a metre in diameter altho larger logs stil can be milled. Logs that are normally to big for standard size mobile bandsaws this mill can turn them in to usedable everyday building material.

This mill has an 8 inch blade and can do a 8x8 beam/post or a 8x16 beam when double cut is required. Turn your windblown trees in to a resource you can use instead of logging in to fire wood as is common practise.


Alaskan mill milling

Our Alaskan mill is a very useful tool for making the most out of over sized timber, we mostly use this for making wide boards from high quality hardwoods that will be air dried and made in to furniture.

The mill can produce boards up to 34" wide and can to infinite length as the first cut system can be extended to customers needs.