Long term vision

Trees Ability

Cleints ask me "what can i do with my wood" some times its money driven and some times it is asthectics of how the wood looks, But there is a lot more to be hold and get out of woodlands.

Forest management is a very individual thing to the owner and to the woodland. From spruce plantations though to looking at hazel for walking sticks, crooket sections of fallen hard woods to make bespoke furniture.

A good place to start is to remove all the dead, dying and dangerous trees this will also give the woodland a thin at the same time (please see forest management tab)

One benefit of windblown trees is you do not need to apply for a felling licence to harvest these trees, You have many options if sadly you have windblown trees.


  • Large areas may be harvested for return
  • Convert to firewood
  • Larger oversized timber, mill timber for furniture or building material


  • Fell extract for athestics
  • Convert smaller timber to firewood
  • Take advantage of the trees characteristics with the view to bespoke timbers